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Navigating global markets: Insights from a UK security innovator

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Hear from an Export Champion in the security sector on how they went from local to global and now sell across the world.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the importance of exploring new markets as strategy for international expansion
  • Gain insights into the process of transforming from a predominantly domestic focussed company to global exporter
  • Gain inspiration and motivation from a real-world success story of a UK company’s journey to become a global exporter


Matt Gilmartin is Managing Director of Concept Smoke Screen, a leading UK security systems innovator.

Join us to hear exclusive insights on their transformative journey from a predominantly domestic focused company to global exporter. In this session you will learn how they navigated challenges and capitalised on emerging opportunities to expand their reach beyond the UK borders.


Matt Gilmartin

MD, Concept Smoke Screen

Concept Smoke Screen is a security systems innovator and manufacturer of an effective fog security system. They are inspired to create products that confront criminals whilst simultaneously protecting people and property.

Matt Gilmartin is Managing Director and after close to two decades with the business, during which he has secured four international innovation awards, he is occasionally referred to as “Matt, smoke Matt”.

Matt still gets a buzz out of the products successfully defeating attacks and preventing loss in all manner of applications - from the small to the large - from private houses to the defence of critical infrastructure. “We have always made our generators to protect people, property and critical risk items. We believe that a feeling of safety and security is a fundamental human right”.

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