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Fuel your vision: Grantify's guide to grant funding for innovators

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Are you a small business developing any technology-powered solution or science-driven innovations? If yes, you might be wondering where you can get the capital you need to get that bright idea come to reality and sell it to the world…wonder no more!

What you’ll learn

  • Realise the potential: Explore grant funding options tailored for innovation-led sectors
  • Apply with confidence: Master the art of applications with tips and guidance from grant experts
  • Expand your horizons: Unearth overseas growth opportunities


This webinar is brought to you by Grantify, a digital platform helping SMEs to simplify the grant acquisition process with its unique blend of seasoned grant experts and cutting-edge AI-driven platform and has successfully raised over a $100 million in funding.

You will be able to learn with Grantify about different grant funding options available, gain insights into avoiding pitfalls in the application process, where the opportunities are and why going global should be your next big step.


Gordon Brown

Non-Executive Chairman, Grantify

Gordon Brown, Non-Executive Chairman of Grantify, is a seasoned businessman with a wealth of experience in both national and international markets.

Having held senior positions with well-recognised consumer and B2B brands, and with a history at PwC in the UK and Middle East, Gordon has spent the last 20 years running his own consultancy business. In his career he's worked with some of the largest professional services firms globally and now holds board positions with two other businesses.

In addition to working with Grantify's leadership team, Gordon has guided over 250 Grantify clients, providing strategic advice for their businesses, fundraising efforts, and grant applications.

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